Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dead Sea Scrolls: Two Nov. online Articles by Golb, Golb

Raphael Golb was given permission to write.
Judge Berkman, in her November sentencing, gave him permission to write about his case.

So he wrote this:
"The Dead Sea Scrolls Scandal: How I Was Convicted of a Crime" Nov. 2010:

Here Raphael provides a multitude of details, most of which will be quite new to readers- much was even new to me too.
Raphael's essay ties together loose ends; shows everyone's part in the case; etc; and it will be clearer how the case was too complicated for a jury.

A great deal of his account, you will find, this blog of mine had gotten wrong, or halfway wrong, or hadn't known about at all. I apologize! There are folks who believe I get my info direct, so I repeat that this blog is my personal understanding- which I interpret my own way, clear with no one, and no one corrects me. I'm sure I'm often mistaken.

Originally there was a second article by a "Golb"- the father this time- which I was pressured into taking down, by the types of comments I received. It was a link to Raphael Golb's father's reaction to a document that the prosecution used in the trial as evidence against his son.

I felt it was relevant to publish the father's response to this piece of trial evidence which may have influenced the decision to sentence his son to prison.
Before I say more about this, I want to advise:

WHAT SCHOLAR IS "RIGHT" OR "WRONG"- what scholar did or did not "plagiarize"- and even whether Raphael's accusations are true OR FALSE (a civil matter, not a criminal one)- actually HAS NO RELEVANCE TO THE CASE, or the questions i'm trying to raise. 

Because I don't focus on facts or people's opinions about those facts. I focus on HOW Raphael expressed himself: I focus on "internet impersonation."